Team Camps

Can Teams attend?

With US Soccer mandates that have dramatically changed age groupings and teams, what better way to prepare a new team than with a week spent training and having fun together. Our team camps allow for teams to train, play and grow together. 

This Team Academy will work directly with you, the coach to address any specific needs that you have for your team. Our 15 point Team Academy Profile will allow us to cater our program to directly benefit your team. In addition to the great camaraderie gained by playing together for the entire week, we will also expose them to great competition, team tactics and positional awareness and technical acuity.

As part of your team fee for attending the Team Academy any Team who signs up 10 or more players will be able to attend a Soccer Saturday at George Mason event with no additional charge. Our Soccer Saturday events coincide with a George Mason Men’s Soccer game. Included is a free soccer clinic before the game with the players and staff of George Mason Soccer, a hot dog and drink, as well as a ticket to the game.

Call me if you have any questions about the Academy or if you wish to reserve your spot for this summer. We’ll provide you with your special discount and registration code for your team. There is a limited amount of space!

This is a very sought after option as we have sold out team spots every year. Register your team early! Call Coach Andrulis at 703-993-3288 for your teams discount code.